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The Deep Detox Volcanic Exfoliating Mask utilizes volcanic ash from the Mayon volcano in the Philippines. Volcanic ash is a natural skin purifier and is rich in minerals with exfoliating properties. This is also great for removing dead skin cells while bamboo charcoal powder detoxifies and absorbs impurities.


This is all-natural formulation combined with the power of Pili and Elemi oils and Amazonian Clay detoxifies the skin while leaving it nourished, clean and revitalized.

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Key Ingredients

Pili Oil contains high concentration of antioxidants and essential fatty acids. Antioxidants protect cells from effect of free radicals and other external aggressors that cause ageing. Fatty acids, meanwhile, are essential for keeping skin nourished and hydrated even at the cellular level.

Elemi Oil has antiseptic and antimicrobial properties that are significant in improving skin health, ensuring fast healing, regeneration and purification. Elemi oils are also key for firming and tightening of skin.

Full Ingredients

Kaolin, volcanic ash, charcoal powder, Canarium ovatum (pili) oil, Canarium luzonicum (elemi) essential oil, phenoxyethanol, ethylhexylglycerin, menthyl lactate.

34 reviews for Volcanic Exfoliating Mask

  1. Leth Alix

    Amazing product!

  2. Cathleen Xelle Frani

    One of the best masks I’ve tried. To too it off it’s made with local products like mayon ash, pili oil, and elemi oil!
    The mask tightened my skin and my pores felt so clean after washing off the mask. Great product!

  3. Mary Jeuliette Dalhani

    This mask is great for oily skin and people who need an exfoliator thats not too harsh on the skin. I have sensitive skin and it gets irritated easily. With this mask, i didn’t react to it at all. Plus it doesn’t have to be on for too long- just 3-5minutes but its effective!
    My face felt clean and soft. No redness. If you’re a believer of essential oils and have sensitive skin, you’re gonna love this! Plus it’s PHILIPPINE MADE!!! Yasss!

  4. Leth Alix

    Felt difference after first use. My skin so soft after. This mask is also perfect if you have oily skin. I sooooo love the product plus it is made from the Philippines. 🥰

  5. Anna Frani

    Super love how it feels on my skin. It feels cool and minty upon application. Feels so clean after rinsing it off and i love how it controls shine and oils on my oily skin even after few days of usage.

  6. Christine L. Caber

    So soft and smooth ng feeling sa face after washing..bonus pa na it’s a product of the Philippines, sariling atin, nakakaproud ❤️

  7. Janz Dote

    I am an avid fan of bentonite clay mask and I am thrilled that I got to try this locally made volcanic exfoliating mask. I got this as a prize on one of the segment of Ms.Jirbie during the EOP Aromatherapy Summit.
    I love the packaging of the product as well as the product itself. Unlike the aztec bentonite clay this mask is non drying at all. My face felt soft and clean after washing off the mask. You can see the difference after the first use. Will definitely continue to use this.
    #BuyLocal #SupportLocal

  8. Celestine Lao

    Felt my face firm and ligtens up! You can see and the feel the difference after first use! A must have for every women out there. Its a wonderful investment for our face with out the harsh chemicals and pocket friendly.

  9. Ariane Tambolero

    I actually have a very dry and sensitive skin, tendency when I use masks like this, my face gets flaky that’s why i use korean gel masks more. When i applied this to my face the first time, i got scared because it has a stinging sensation but after 5mins, i rinsed it off and was surprised that my face doesn’t feel dry. Moreover when i wake up the next morning, the softness of my face is noticeable! I now plan to use this regularly! Proud that this is a product of the Philippines!

  10. Celestine Lao

    A miracle product! Felt and see the differnce after first use and even my husband said you look glowing!!!!😍 Thank you piliani for creating marvelous and chemical free products.

  11. Sherry

    Love this volcano clay mask! Just takes 3-5mins to experience the benefits 💕 It glides on easily when applied and dries quicky too. My face felt refreshed after rinsing it off. I love that it is infused with Elemi eesential oil. Definitely a must-have in your beauty cabinet! The packaging is also admirable, the box is designed like a Volcano and the mask comes in a classy container with a brush for easy application, nakakaproud talaga etong pinoy brand na to 😊

  12. Agatha Kristy Sipacio

    My Skin Type: Combination to Oily, Acne-Prone Skin

    Packaging: so beautiful and “pangmayaman”and “nakakasosyal”. it comes in a solid bottle jar. It has a screw lid and I find it easy to use and travel-friendly and it has a brush too.

    Fragrance: There isn’t any dominating or heavy fragrance.

    My Experience: I have put this to use when I were in Manila and Batangas, both place have different weather.
    The moment I applied it, I felt a comfortable and cooling sensation, which not irritates or not tingles. It has very soothing and calming cooling sensation that calmed my skin instantly. Also, I noticed that even after it was drying,it doesnt feel tight unlike any other mask and it doesn’t turn into solid rock.
    Post washing, I did notice that it removed all the oil and greasiness from my face. It can controls oil since I notice my oily skin is manageable now. It also reduces my breakout and can be used as spot treatment to my pimples. My face was soft to touch and this clay mask is easy to wash. I didn’t feel the need to rub hard to take it off. I find it easy to apply and easy to wash. Lastly, the price is affordable and I believe it is reasonable.

    #LoveLocal #BuyLocal #SuppprtLocal

  13. Angeli Espanto

    Tried it for the first time and I want to use it again! Thank you so much to my dear friend Pollyanna Mendoza for gifting me her extra mask 🥰 I’m loving every minute of applying it!

  14. Pollyanna Mendoza

    For someone who has a very sensitive skin, this mask is so gentle. It has a tightening effect that’s not very harsh on my skin as it didn’t react – I don’t see a single bump on my face 3 days after using it once. A great product that’s locally available!

  15. Elizabeth Datu

    First time to use the mask. It gives immediate results. I felt my skin was softer but not oily nor dried. The instant results of firming and tightening effect of the skin can be felt on the first use. Kudos! It’s a great product.

  16. Kris Yao

    Made my skin really soft and smooth right after using! Such an amazing product. Perfect for those who have oily skin like me. ❤

  17. Sherbette Hernandez

    Impressed with this product. Unlike the other clay masks i’ve tried, this one did not have a strong sting on my face. My skin felt tight and smooth after using it. It pulled the oil from my skin but did not leave it dry.
    I feel proud that this is a Filipino made product. 🇵🇭

  18. Elle Javier – Quingco

    I’ve used other masks before, and even yun sa derma clinic hindi ganito yun pakiramdam eh. I love the way it feels even during the time the mask is still on my face, you feel it working tightening those pores, and when you wash it off, wow! Sobrang amazing. Siguro if you do this religiously every week we’ll all have fine younger skin ❤️ Thanks Pili Ani! I have recommended you to friends and even my mom in the US.

  19. Debbie Romero

    This made my skin super soft and smooth! It has a cooling and tightening effect in your skin that gives you that GLOW after using it. So much better because it’s Philippine Made. Support Local. Super love this product!

  20. Czar Capistrano-Gonzales


    This is a fantastic face mask with deep moisturizing effect and the after glow is there, noticeable by my sister who said she did see a difference. My face feel soft and tight. #SupportLocal #AllNatural

  21. Lorie Eduardo

    I love it! It’s like my pores were gone after washing. I have a dry skin type and happy my skin didn’t react to this mask. So glad to have won this amazing product!

  22. Lourdes Caballero

    In terms of the volcano packaging, it is unique and eye catching. The container and brush evokes a high-end feel and I like that. It looks like there was a team who thought deeply about the design. I was hesitant to use the mask at first since I have recently had a bad breakout from using masks. My skin has also become more sensitive so I have been cautious what I put on my face. I used this mask after showering in the evening and using a face scrub. The formulation was thick and the brush made it easy to apply. I did not feel a stinging sensation and it had a matte feel on my face. It was easy to wash off and my skin felt clean after. good job! I will continue to use it and see how it works for me in the long term. I think what will make this product better is indicating how many times is the recommended use per week and if I should use a cleanser before or after for best results. Thank you for this mask!

  23. Eliza I Trono

    Tried this Pili Ani volcanic facial mask today. I love the packaging and the brush that came with it. There was a warm sensation upon initial application, but it eventually subsided after about a minute. Then, as the mask dried, I felt a mild tightening on my skin. It is doing it’s job. I rinsed it off after 5 minutes. My skin felt softer and pores visibly reduced.

    Right before the mask, I washed my face with Jirbie’s turmeric brightening facial wash. Great combo!

    Thanks, Pili Ani and Jirbie! ☺️

  24. Denise Roco De Leon

    My skin is naturally sensitive, so I only apply a thin layer as the burning sensation can be unpleasant. Nonetheless, my skin seems to be clearer and smoother.


    Was skeptical to use it at first since I have sensitive skin. The directions said let it stay for 3-5 minutes on your skin before you rinse it off. Since this is my first time, I just let it stayed for 3 minutes only. So far, I didn’t feel any irritation and no reactions at all. After using it once, I can instantly feel the smoothness and lightness on my face which I was honestly amazed! Didn’t expect instant effect on first use. For suggestion, it would be great if it will be stated as well how often we can use this product — is it daily, once a week or whenever we just feel like it. Over all, I love it! Excited to use it again.

  26. Jirbie Go

    One of my favorite masks. I love how my skin feels every after use. ❤️

  27. Tess Santos

    Controls my oily skin. My face looks brighter and even toned.

  28. Camille Hernandez

    First time to try a rinse off mask. I felt a stinging sensation so I decided to apply a thin layer and rinsed it off after 3 mins. I love how my skin felt cleaner and tight after using it! This will definitely be part of my skin care routine.

  29. Camille Hernandez

    First time to try a rinse off mask. I felt a stinging sensation so I decided to apply a thin layer. I love how my skin felt cleaner and tight after using it! This will definitely be part of my skin care routine.

  30. Ady Francisco-Aninipot

    I so love this product! ❤️❤️❤️
    I have really sensitive skin and have red patches when ever I apply anything on my face.
    It felt warm on my skin considering it’s a volcanic mask but it’s not uncomfortable.
    And when I washed it off after 3min, lo and behold! No red patches on my face!
    After being sleepless for 5days may face was radiant and soft!
    Thank you Pili Ani for this wonderful product!❤️
    Can’t wait to use your other products as well.

  31. Rocelyn

    I was hesitant to try this mask at first because I really have sensitive skin. I only applied a thin layee. There was a little bit of stinging but not itchy at all. After five minutes the mask was completely dried so I rinsed it off. Voila! Skin felt lighter and smoother. I expected some redness but there was none. This could be part of my routine 🙂

  32. Jarellie

    This product is simply amazing! There was a tingling sensation on my face so you know it is working. I love how it brightens up the skin after rinse.

  33. Summer Carullo

    I tried it several times before making a review. It minimized my pores and my pimple dried up after 2 days.

    I didn’t think that my skin would glow like this when I’m already in my mid 40s. Galing!

  34. Mariam jucom

    Love it on my skin! Thanks pili ani. It’s my latest weekly regimen.

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