Pili Oil comes from the fruit, while the Elemi oil is derived from the sap of the trunk. The extraction of these fine oils is like watching art in motion as it takes 1,500 pili fruits to make just one liter of pili oil. Each of these fruits are hand-picked, washed, de-pulped and dried during each process.


Pili Ani makes certain to follow strict tapping techniques and must wait five to six years before they can yield another set of Elemi oil from the same tree.



Pili oil comes from the fruit of the Pili tree and is rich in fatty acids which rejuvenates, reinvigorates and revitalizes. It also protects skin from elements that cause skin aging. Compared to other natural oils out in the market today, Pili oil contains one of the highest concentrations of antioxidants and essential fatty acids.

Elemi Oil comes from the sap of the Pili Tree. It is a rare and potent extract that tones, firms and reduces fine lines and literally lifts from within. the oil has mood lifting benefits as well as anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and other healing properties.





Pili Ani is the only brand that uses both of these precious oils in all of its products. Together these oils improve overall skin health, encourage quick healing, regeneration and purification.