Pili Ani

means “The Chosen Harvest”

Our Mission

Our company was never built for profit, it was built for community.

We are a small Filipino skincare brand that just wants to make a difference.

Every purchase goes to uplifting and building our local farmer communities.

The Chosen Tree

In the heart of the Bicol Region in the Philippines stands the resilient Pili Tree. Bicol is hit by several storms each year and despite the toll it takes, The Pili Tree stands strong in its beauty.

In fact, it is touted as the ‘stress-loving tree’ because the magnificent Pili Tree bears even more fruit after every typhoon. All that she bears is what gives life to the province and its multitude of farmers and their families who rely on her generosity to make a life for themselves.

This is the reason why it’s also referred to as the Chosen Tree.

Our Founder

Pili Ani’s founder, Rosalina Tan, has long been a pioneer of organic farming in the Philippines. She has also always been an advocate for ethical and sustainable practices in the agriculture industry and has made it her mission to educate the local farming community. She originally started buying Pili oil to support local farmers, then came across its benefits while experimenting with creating her own beauty products.

So, the story of Pili Ani began.

Together with her daughter, Mary Jane Tan-Ong, their first thought was to create a business that would provide a livelihood for the local farmers and their families. This led to them discovering the amazing benefits of both Pili and Elemi Oils through extensive research and product development.

Pili and Elemi Oils

The Chosen Tree produces not one, but two unique oils, Pili & Elemi Oils. The combination of these two oils creates a unique beauty arsenal that’s included in every Pili Ani product. This proprietary blend is what makes the Pili Ani brand so special and effective.

Learn more about the process behind Pili Ani’s exclusive blend

The Heart of Pili

The team behind Pili Ani embodies The Chosen Tree’s generosity by helping over 200 families in the Bicol Region. The brand believes in circularity and doesn’t just provide income by purchasing harvested nuts and oils but also creating programs that uplift the lives of its community of farmers.

Save Our Soil Foundation encourages farmers to shift to organic practices while providing scholarships for their families. The Pili Literacy Program provides financial assistance to economically challenged students. Our business is rooted in doing good and making sure that the system we use in crafting beauty is truly beautiful from the ground up.